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Architecture - Studio (ARCS) Courses

ARCS 5102 [1.5 credit]
M.Arch. 1 - Studio I

Sensory components of architecture: use, effect, and symbolic potential. Light, lighting, sound, sensation of heat and cold, and related phenomena studied in modest building proposals. Social considerations of architecture. The conventions of architectural drawing. Computer Modeling as a medium of architectural analysis, documentation, and presentation.

ARCS 5103 [1.5 credit]
M.Arch. 1 - Studio II

Building materials and practices within the context of increasingly complex building programs. Social context of architecture in relation to material expression. Modeling is stressed. (Core course).

ARCS 5104 [1.5 credit]
M.Arch. 1 - Studio III

A comprehensive studio dealing with issues of program and site as the culturally defining aspects of architectural practice within complex urban and social situations, using difficult sites and hybrid programs. Projects brought to a high degree of technical, formal, and graphic resolution. (Core Course).

ARCS 5105 [1.5 credit]
Graduate Studio 1

An architectural investigation within a contemporary urban setting, usually dealing with central-city sites and complex programs. Projects address the question of urban architecture both from practical and theoretical perspectives. Architecturally relevant building technology and systems will be introduced in the Studio as required.

ARCS 5106 [1.5 credit]
Graduate Studio 2

The design of a large-scale and culturally significant building project, set within a prominent urban or natural landscape. Integrated resolution of the combined issue of site, program, and expression is expected. Architecturally relevant building technology and systems will be introduced in the Studio as required.
Prerequisite(s): ARCS 5105.

ARCS 5909 [2.0 credits]
Thesis - Independent Study

Student-initiated design investigation, developed with a thesis supervisor, supported by text and appropriate methods of two and three-dimensional representation. Proposals must be approved by the Graduate Committee of the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism. M.A.S. Thesis (ARCT).

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