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Ethics and Public Affairs (EPAF) Courses

EPAF 5000 [0.5 credit]
Topics in Ethics and Public Affairs

Students prepare for and attend a series of guest lectures, submitting in writing a critical analysis of some aspect of the presentation or discussion for each lecture they attend.

EPAF 5100 [0.5 credit]
Supervised Research Tutorial

On a particular public issue, students identify ethical concerns and a range of evidence-based and values-based arguments for alternative policy options, assessing the comparative strength of those arguments.
Prerequisite(s): EPAF 6100.

EPAF 5200 [0.5 credit]
Ethics in Organizations

A seminar on proactive approaches to ethical issues in organizations including design and implementation of ethics programs based on research in ethics and social science.

EPAF 5300 [0.5 credit]
Values-based Deliberation

A seminar exploring examples of civic and government dialogues on public issues, in light of theoretical foundations of deliberative dialogue.

EPAF 5500 [0.5 credit]

Students gain experience doing ethics-related work in government, business, civil society, or consulting. Students report on their work as required, and their performance is graded satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

EPAF 6000 [0.5 credit]
Ethical Concerns in Public Affairs

A tutorial in which students identify the range of ethical concerns raised by a particular public issue chosen by the student.
Prerequisite(s): enrolment in the Ph.D. Ethics and Public Affairs program.

EPAF 6100 [1.0 credit]
Public Reason I

A seminar on the nature and limits of public reason, with application to a particular public issue chosen by the instructors. Normative concepts and theories of ethics and political philosophy will be studied as relevant to that issue.

EPAF 6200 [1.0 credit]
Public Reason II

A seminar continuing from Public Reason I, with application to a different public issue, which makes relevant a different set of normative concepts and theories of ethics and political philosophy.
Prerequisite(s): EPAF 6100.

EPAF 6600 [0.5 credit]
Theory Examination

Ph.D. comprehensive examination on main works and approaches in ethics and political philosophy.

EPAF 6700 [0.5 credit]
Area Examination

Ph.D. comprehensive examination on main works and approaches concerning the public issue on which the student wishes to conduct dissertation research, including relevant social science, ethics, and political philosophy.

EPAF 6909 [5.0 credits]
Ph.D. Thesis

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