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Political Economy (PECO) Courses

PECO 5000 [0.5 credit]
Theories of Political Economy

A survey of the core concepts and ideas proposed by both the founders and modern practitioners of political economy. Particular attention will be paid to contemporary theorists and classical theorists such as Smith, Ricardo, Marx, Mill, Schumpeter, Keynes, Veblen, and Innis.

PECO 5001 [0.5 credit]
The Methodology of Political Economy

An examination of the methods, procedures, and rules for developing theory and guiding inquiry in political economy research, including topics such as logic of inquiry, conceptualization, research design, dialectics, level of analysis, comparison, evidence and statistics.

PECO 5501 [0.5 credit]
Selected Problems in Political Economy I

Also listed as SOCI 5504, PSCI 5501.

PECO 5502 [0.5 credit]
Selected Problems in Political Economy II

Also listed as SOCI 5505, PSCI 5502.

PECO 5900 [0.5 credit]
Tutorial in Political Economy

Directed readings on selected aspects of political economy, involving preparation of papers as the basis for discussion with the tutor. Offered when no regular course offering meets a candidate's specific needs.
Prerequisite(s): permission of the Director.

PECO 5907 [0.5 credit]
Placement in Political Economy

This course offers an opportunity to earn academic credit by engaging in research activities under the supervision of professional researchers in the community. Placement possibilities may be initiated by the student or arranged through community contacts established by the Institute of Political Economy. Course normally to be taken once only.
Prerequisite(s): permission of the Director.

PECO 5908 [1.0 credit]
Research Essay

Directly linked to the student's course work, the research essay must be interdisciplinary in approach.

PECO 5909 [2.0 credits]
M.A. Thesis

The thesis is an alternative to the research essay. It must also be interdisciplinary in approach, and requires greater substance and originality than the Research Essay. Normally, a student's thesis committee will be composed of members from more than one discipline.

PECO 6000 [0.5 credit]
Political Economy: Core Concepts

Core concepts in political economy, drawn from classical and contemporary writings. Topics will be selected in consultation with participating units, taking into account the potential number of students, their research interests and those of the participating units.

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