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School of Linguistics and Language Studies
(Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

Hebrew (HEBR) Courses

HEBR 1904 [1.0 credit]
Introductory Hebrew I

First level introduction for students with no knowledge of Hebrew. Presents essentials for biblical and modern Hebrew.
Also listed as RELI 1011.
Three hours per week plus out-of-class requirements.

HEBR 2904 [1.0 credit]
Introductory Hebrew II

Second level introduction to the Hebrew language. Through reading modern and classical texts as well as conversation, students will learn vocabulary, grammar, and common idioms.
Also listed as RELI 2011.
Prerequisite(s): HEBR 1904 or RELI 1904, RELI 1011 or permission of the department.
Three hours per week plus out-of-class requirements.

HEBR 3904 [1.0 credit]
Advanced Hebrew

Advanced study of the Hebrew language through reading modern and biblical texts as well as through listening to dialogues and short stories to learn the use of all language components including morphology, syntax, and expressions.
Also listed as RELI 3011.
Prerequisite(s): RELI 2011, RELI 2904, HEBR 2904, or permission of the department.
Lecture three hours a week plus out-of-class requirements.

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