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College of the Humanities
(Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)


In addition program requirements described in this section, students must satisfy the Academic Regulations of the University, including the process of Academic Performance Evaluation.

Students should consult the College and its Web site when planning their program and selecting courses.

Requirement for Full-Time Study

Students in the Humanities program must complete a minimum of 4.0 credits by the end of the summer session. The College may permit students to study abroad for a year while remaining registered in the program. For those students permitted to study abroad, Carleton credits commensurate to studies taken abroad will be determined by the College and awarded towards the student's degree. In exceptional circumstances (usually financial need or sickness) the College may also permit students to take a leave of absence for one year while remaining registered in the program.

Academic Performance Evaluation for Bachelor of Humanities

Bachelor of Humanities students are evaluated on the basis of their Overall CGPA and their Core CGPA.

Students are in Good Standing if the Overall CGPA at least 7.00 and the Core CGPA at least 7.00.

A student who is not in Good Standing but has Overall CGPA at least 6.00 and Core CGPA at least 6.00 is on Academic Warning.

A student is required to leave the program with the status Continue in Alternate (CA) or the status Dismissed from Program (DP) if:

  1. the student was on Academic Warning and does not achieve Good Standing at the next Academic Performance Evaluation,
  2. the student has Overall CGPA less than 6.00 or Core CGPA less than 6.00 at any Academic Performance Evaluation.

A student who has completed the first year of the B.Hum. may apply to transfer to the second year of the B.J.Hum. Transfers into higher years will not be considered.

Transfer from B.Hum. to B.J.Hum.

A student who has completed the first year of the B.Hum. in Good Standing may apply to transfer into the second year of the B.J. Hum. and will be accepted at the discretion of the School of Journalism and the College of Humanities, and must normally have an overall CGPA of 10.00 (A-) or higher. Transfers into higher years will not be considered.

The Humanities Core

HUMS 1000, HUMS 2000, HUMS 3000, HUMS 4000