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A.  Registration, Evaluation and Records

1.0 Course Registration
1.1 Permission to Register
1.2 Course Selection and Registration
1.3 Payment of Fees
1.4 Withdrawal
1.5 Deregistration
1.6 Auditing Courses
1.7 Credit for Closely-Related Courses
1.8 Two-term Courses
1.9 Challenge for Credit
1.10 Academic Petitions and Appeals

2.0 Course Evaluation
2.1 Credit
2.2 The Course Outline
2.3 Standing in Courses/Grading System
2.4 Examination Regulations
2.5 Deferred Final Examinations
2.6 Deferred Term Work
2.7 Informal Appeal of Grade
2.8 Formal Appeal of Grade
2.9 Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities
2.10 Academic Accommodation for Students with Religious Obligations

3.0 Records and Communication
3.1 Student Record Information
3.2 Records Retention Policy
3.3 Disclosure of Information
3.4 Use of Student Work in Program Assessment
3.5 Student Status
3.6 Electronic Communication

B. Academic Regulations for Degree Students

4.0 General Regulations and Definitions
4.1 The Comprehensive Regulations
4.2 Regulations Governing a Student's Program
4.3 Absence from the University
4.4 Student Categories
4.5 Types of Programs
4.6 Program Structure
4.7 University Year Standing
4.8 Undeclared Students
4.9 Changes of Degree and Program
4.10 Types of Courses

5.0 Admission and Residency Regulations
5.1 Transfer of Credit Prior to Admission
5.2 Transfer of Credit Subsequent to Admission
5.3 Minimum Number of Carleton Credits (Residency and Advanced credits)

6.0 Program Regulations
6.1 The Cumulative Grade Point Average
6.2 Maximum Number of Credits Below the 2000-level
6.3 Discredits
6.4 Course Load
6.5 Restrictions on Program Elements
6.6 Maximum Number of Program Elements
6.7 Combined Honours Programs
6.8 Simultaneous and Subsequent Degrees
6.9 Credit for ESL courses
6.10 Restrictions on Credit for Certain Courses

7.0 Academic Performance Evaluation
7.1 Academic Performance Evaluation for Degree Students
7.2 Assessment in Concentrations, Specializations and Minors
7.3 Readmission after Suspension or Debarment
7.4 Minimum CGPA Requirements
7.5 Additional Information Concerning Academic Performance Evaluation for Some Degrees

8.0 Graduation
8.1 Graduation Requirements
8.2 Application for Graduation
8.3 Minimum CGPA Requirements for Graduation
8.4 Recognition of High Academic Achievement
8.5 Recognition of Study Abroad

C. Academic Regulations for Special Students

9.0 Regulations
9.1 Application
9.2 Academic Performance Evaluation for Special Students
9.3 Course Load
9.4 English Language Proficiency

10.0 Registration for Special Students
10.1 Course Selection
10.2 Special Students Enrolling in Graduate-Level Courses

D. Academic Regulations for Certificate Students

11. Academic Regulations and Requirements for Undergraduate Certificates


E. Student Conduct

12.0 Academic Integrity

13.0 Offenses of Conduct: Discrimination and Harassment
13.1 Carleton University's Human Rights Policy
13.2 Unacceptable Conduct
13.3 Enforcement
13.4 Formal Procedures