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This section presents the requirements for programs in:

Program Requirements

Minor in South Asian Studies (4.0 credits)

This minor is available to all undergraduate degree students.
1.  1.0 credit in: 1.0
SAST 1001 [0.5]
Introduction to South Asian Studies I
SAST 1002 [0.5]
Introduction to South Asian Studies II
2.  2.0 credits in Approved South Asian Studies Electives at the 1000-level or higher (see list below)2.0
3.  1.0 credit in Approved South Asian Studies Electives at the 3000-level or higher (see list below)1.0
Total Credits4.0
Approved South Asian Studies Electives
Other courses not listed here may be used if they have sufficient South Asian content and advance approval of the department.
ANTH 2020 [0.5]
Race and Ethnicity
ANTH 2630 [0.5]
Studies in Asian Societies: Current Issues in Anthropological Research
ANTH 3020 [0.5]
Studies in Race and Ethnicity
ANTH 4020 [0.5]
Advanced Studies in Race and Ethnicity
Art History
ARTH 2007 [0.5]
Asian Art
ARTH 3007 [0.5]
Modern Asian Art
English Language and Literature
ENGL 2936 [0.5]
South Asian Literatures I
ENGL 2937 [0.5]
South Asian Literatures II
ENGL 3940 [0.5]
Studies in Diaspora Lit.
ENGL 3965 [0.5]
Intro to Postcolonial Theory
ENGL 3972 [0.5]
Studies in Postcolonial Lit.
Film Studies
FILM 2606 [0.5]
History of World Cinema I
FILM 2607 [0.5]
History of World Cinema II
HIST 1707 [1.0]
World History
HIST 2312 [0.5]
History of the Indian Ocean World
HIST 2910 [0.5]
Special Subject in History
HIST 3217 [0.5]
Empire and Globalization
HIST 3715 [0.5]
Themes in South Asian History
MUSI 2009 [0.5]
Music of Asia
MUSI 3107 [0.5]
Classical Indian Music I
MUSI 4107 [0.5]
Classical Indian Music II
PHIL 2700 [0.5]
Asian Philosophy
Political Science
PSCI 3700 [0.5]
Government and Politics of South Asia
RELI 1715 [0.5]
South Asian Religions
RELI 2410 [0.5]
RELI 2510 [0.5]
RELI 2515 [0.5]
Religion and Aesthetics in India
RELI 2711 [0.5]
Love and Its Myths
RELI 2750 [0.5]
RELI 3420 [0.5]
Early Buddhism
RELI 3520 [0.5]
Early Hinduism
RELI 3522 [0.5]
Modern Hinduism

South Asian Studies (SAST) Courses

SAST 1001 [0.5 credit]
Introduction to South Asian Studies I

An introduction to South Asian studies, including history, literature, religion, philosophy and the arts.
Lecture three hours per week.

SAST 1002 [0.5 credit]
Introduction to South Asian Studies II

An introduction to contemporary dimensions of South Asia including cultural, social and political thought and practice.
Lecture three hours per week.

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Not all courses listed are offered in a given year. For an up-to-date statement of course offerings for the current session and to determine the term of offering, consult the class schedule at