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ANTH 3007 [0.5 credit] History of Anthropological Theory

Analysis of the development of anthropological thought since the end of the eighteenth to the mid-twentieth century. The development of various theoretical approaches within their historical, social, intellectual and biographical contexts. The implications of these issues may be explored through ethnographies.
Precludes additional credit for ANTH 2005 and ANTH 3100.
Prerequisite(s): ANTH 2001 [1.0].
Lectures three hours a week.


Undergraduate Calendar

Note : Details regarding graduation requirements, the international experience requirement, and the language requirement for the B.G.In.S. degree can be found at the B.G.In.S. program page .

Co-operative Education

Undergraduate Calendar term, any two of ANTH 3005 , ANTH 3007 , or ANTH 3008 ; Obtained an Overall...