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COMP 3005 [0.5 credit] Database Management Systems

Introduces students to concepts of database management systems, database design and file structures. Topics include: entity-relationship modeling and object oriented database design, data models (relational, network and object oriented), the relational algebra, SQL, normalization theory, physical data organization, object oriented databases and OQL.
Precludes additional credit for BUSI 3400.
Prerequisite(s): COMP 1805 or MATH 1800 with a minimum grade of C-, plus: COMP 2402 or (SYSC 2004 and SYSC 2100).
Lectures three hours a week.

Co-operative Education of COMP 2402 or COMP 2404 ; Registered...any two of ANTH 3005 , ANTH 3007 or...


...BIT, CHEM, CIVE, CMPS, COMP, ECOR, ELEC, ENSC...any two of ANTH 3005 , ANTH 3007 or...