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MATH 1004 [0.5 credit] Calculus for Engineering or Physics

Limits. Differentiation of the elementary functions. Rules of differentiation. Inverse trigonometric functions. Applications of differentiation: max-min problems, curve sketching, approximations.Definite and indefinite integrals, techniques of integration. Applications to areas and volumes.
Precludes additional credit for BIT 1000, BIT 1100, BIT 1200, MATH 1002, MATH 1007, MATH 1009.
Prerequisite(s): Ontario Grade 12 Mathematics: Advanced Functions, or MATH 0005 and MATH 0006, or equivalent. Restricted to students in the Faculty of Engineering, or in certain B.Sc. and B.A.S. programs where specified.
Lectures three hours a week, tutorial one hour a week.

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