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MATH 1052 [0.5 credit] Calculus and Introductory Analysis I

Properties of the real numbers. Limits. Sequences and series. Elementary functions. Continuity. Derivatives. Extreme values. Mean Value Theorem. L’Hospital’s rules. Antiderivatives. An emphasis is placed on proofs and theory.
Precludes additional credit for BIT 1000, BIT 1100, BIT 1200, MATH 1002 (no longer offered), MATH 1004, MATH 1007, MATH 1009, MATH 1401/ECON 1401, MATH 1402/ECON 1402.
Prerequisite(s): i) Grade 12 Mathematics: Advanced Functions, and Grade 12 Mathematics: Calculus and Vectors, with grades of at least 75% in each; or MATH 0005 and MATH 0006 with grades of at least B in each; or equivalents; and ii) MATH 1800 (may be taken concurrently); or permission of the School of Mathematics and Statistics.
Lectures three hours a week, tutorial one and one half hours a week.


Undergraduate Calendar

...either (i) MATH 1052 [0.5] and MATH 1152 [0.5] , or (ii) MATH 1007...