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OSS 2002 [0.5 credit] Optical Communication Networks I

Adaptive Optical Communication Networks with 10Gb/s-200Gb/s Packet-Optical Platforms and WaveServers, OTN, flexible WaveLogic Photonics, ROADM, SONET/SDH, programmable network, optimized mapping techniques, optical carriers (OC-n/STM-m). Extensive hands-on experience using state-of-the-art Optophotonics Lab to work on OAM&P, facility/equipment, synchronization, bandwidth management, performance monitoring and other functionalities.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Precludes additional credit for PLT 2002 (no longer offered).
Prerequisite(s): OSS 1003.
Lectures two hours a week, tutorial/laboratory three hours a week.

European and Russian Studies

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...MECH, NET, NEUR, NSCI, OSS, PHYS, PLT, SREE...EURR 2001 and EURR 2002; Obtained an Overall...


Undergraduate Calendar

...MECH, NET, NEUR, NSCI, OSS, PHYS, PLT, SREE...PSYC 2001 and PSYC 2002 ; Obtained an Overall...