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PSYC 4910 [1.0 credit] Project for B.A. with Honours in Psychology

Within an active learning environment, students develop oral presentations and written documents that may include annotated bibliographies, essays, and presentation slides. They must also present a research poster at the Psychology Undergraduate Research Event. Students select an area of psychological research of interest to them.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Precludes additional credit for PSYC 4905 (no longer offered), PSYC 4907 and PSYC 4908.
Prerequisite(s): fourth-year standing in B.A (Honours) in Psychology, and PSYC 3000.
Seminars three hours a week.


...the concentration. If PSYC 4907 , PSYC 4908 , PSYC 4909 or PSYC 4910 are presented in...