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STAT 2507 [0.5 credit] Introduction to Statistical Modeling I

A data-driven introduction to statistics. Basic descriptive statistics, introduction to probability theory, random variables, discrete and continuous distributions, contingency tables, sampling distributions, distribution of sample mean, Central Limit Theorem, interval estimation and hypothesis testing. A statistical software package will be used.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Precludes additional credit for BIT 2000, BIT 2100 (no longer offered), BIT 2300 (no longer offered), ECON 2201 (no longer offered), ECON 2210, ENST 2006, GEOG 2006, STAT 2606, and STAT 3502. May not be counted for credit in any program if taken after successful completion of STAT 2559.
Prerequisite(s): an Ontario Grade 12 university-preparation Mathematics or equivalent, or permission of the School of Mathematics and Statistics.
Lectures three hours a week, laboratory one hour a week.

Mathematics and Statistics

...program may be exempted from taking STAT 2507 and STAT 2509 only with permission of...