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MUSIĀ 2100 [0.5 credit] Music in the Middle Ages

A survey of music in its courtly, national and ecclesiastical contexts from the fourth to the fifteenth centuries, including the study of secular monophony, medieval polyphony and liturgical music.
Precludes additional credit for MUSI 2000.
Prerequisite(s): second-year standing.
Lectures three hours a week.

European and Russian Studies

...or one of FREN 2100 ; GERM 3110 ; SPAN...KORE, LANG, LATN, MPAD, MUSI, PORT, RUSS, SPAN...


...KORE, LANG, LATN, MPAD, MUSI, PORT, RUSS, SPAN...others listed hereafter: FREN 2100 (or any substitute...