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College of the Humanities
(Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

This section presents the requirements for programs in:

Minor In Archaeology (4.0 credits)

This minor is available to all undergraduate degree students.

1.  1.0 credit in:1.0
CLCV 1008 [0.5]
& CLCV 1009 [0.5]
Introduction to Archaeology I
Introduction to Archaeology II
2.  1.0 credit in approved electives at the 2000 level1.0
3.  1.0 credit in approved electives at the 3000 level1.0
4.  1.0 credit in approved electives at any level1.0
5. The remaining requirements of the major discipline(s) and degree must be satisfied.
Total Credits4.0

Approved Archaeology Electives

Other courses may be substituted for those specified below, when material on archaeology is central to the course.  Such substitutions must be individually approved by the Greek and Roman Studies Program Coordinator.

Note: "R" designates that the course is repeatable.

ANTH 1001 [0.5]
Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 3580 [0.5]
Anthropology of Material Culture and Museums
Art History
ARTH 1100 [0.5]
Art and Society: Prehistory to the Renaissance
ARTH 1101 [0.5]
Art and Society: Renaissance to the Present
ARTH 1200 [0.5]
History and Theory of Architecture: Prehistory to 1500
ARTH 1201 [0.5]
History and Theory of Architecture: 1500 to Present
ARTH 2202 [0.5]
Medieval Architecture and Art
ARTH 2310 [0.5]
Architecture of the Early Modern World [1400-1750]
ARTH 2510 [0.5]
Architecture of the 18th and 19th Centuries
BIOL 2001 [0.5]
Animals: Form and Function
BIOL 2005 [0.5]
Human Physiology
CHEM 1007 [0.5]
Chemistry of Art and Artifacts
Greek and Roman Studies
Greek Art and Archaeology
Roman Art and Archaeology
Ancient Science and Technology
CLCV 3301 [0.5]
Archaeological Field Work I (R)
Studies in Greek Art (R)
Studies in Roman Art (R)
CLCV 3400 [0.5]
Greek and Roman Studies Abroad (R)
CLCV 4000 [0.5]
Archaeological Field Work II (R)
Earth Sciences
ERTH 2312 [0.5]
ERTH 2401 [0.5]
ERTH 2415 [0.5]
Natural Disasters
ERTH 3111 [0.5]
Vertebrate Evolution: Mammals, Reptiles, and Birds
ERTH 3112 [0.5]
Vertebrate Evolution: Fish and Amphibians
ERTH 3113 [0.5]
Geology of Human Origins
GEOG 1010 [0.5]
Global Environmental Systems
GEOG 2014 [0.5]
The Earth's Surface
GEOG 3102 [0.5]
GEOG 3108 [0.5]
Soil Properties
GEOM 1004 [0.5]
Maps, Satellites and the Geospatial Revolution
GEOM 2007 [0.5]
Geographic Information Systems
GEOM 3002 [0.5]
Introduction to Remote Sensing
SOCI 2035 [0.5]
Technology, Culture and Society
Technology, Society, Environment Studies
Ancient Science and Technology


In addition to the requirements presented here, students must satisfy the University regulations common to all undergraduate students, including the process of Academic Performance Evaluation.  See the Academic Regulations of the University section of this Calendar.