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Pauline Jewett Institute of Women's and Gender Studies
(Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

This section presents the requirements for programs in:

Program Requirements

Minor in Sexuality Studies (4.0 credits)

This minor is available to all undergraduate degree students.

1.  1.0 credit in:1.0
SXST 2101 [0.5]
Sexuality Studies: A Critical Introduction
SXST 4101 [0.5]
Interdisciplinary Studies of Sexuality
2.  1.0 credit from Approved Sexuality Studies Electives at the 2000-level or higher1.0
3.  1.0 credit from Approved Sexuality Studies Electives at the 3000-level or higher1.0
4.  1.0 credit from Approved Sexuality Studies1.0
5. The remaining requirements of the major discipline(s) and degree must be satisfied
Total Credits4.0


  1. Courses used to fulfil Items 2 through 4 above must be from more than one discipline.
  2. Other courses may be substituted for the credits specified in item two, when material on sexuality is central to the course. Such substitutions must be individually approved by the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS). Students are encouraged to consult course descriptions of Special Topics courses.

Approved Sexuality Studies Electives

Note: access to these courses is not guaranteed, and may depend on space availability and the satisfaction of other requirements such as course prerequisites.

ANTH 2040 [0.5]
Anthropology and Gender
ANTH 2670 [0.5]
Ethnography of Brazil
ANTH 4780 [0.5]
Anthropology of Personhood
Art History
ARTH 3600 [0.5]
Art Since 1945
ARTH 4600 [0.5]
Art, Architecture, and Gender
Canadian Studies
CDNS 3400 [0.5]
Feminists and Feminism in Canada
CDNS 3600 [0.5]
Cultural Politics and Identities in Canada
English Language and Literature
ENGL 2109 [0.5]
Gender, Sexuality and Literature
Film Studies
FILM 3301 [0.5]
Topics in Cinema, Gender, and Sexuality
First Year Seminars
FYSM 1402 [1.0]
Issues in Women's and Gender Studies
FYSM 1600 [1.0]
Contemporary Controversies in Canadian Society
HIST 3106 [0.5]
Social History of Sexuality
HIST 3115 [0.5]
Childhood and Youth in History
HIST 3120 [0.5]
History of the Body
HIST 3406 [0.5]
African-American Women
HIST 3505 [0.5]
Women in Canada
HIST 3604 [0.5]
Gender and Sexuality in Modern Europe
HIST 3717 [0.5]
Gender and Sexuality in Africa
HIST 4505 [1.0]
Seminar in Women's and Gender History
Human Rights
HUMR 1001 [1.0]
Introduction to Human Rights
HUMR 2301 [0.5]
Human Rights and Sexualities
HUMR 4302 [0.5]
Transgender Human Rights
LAWS 3001 [0.5]
Women and the Legal Process
LAWS 3503 [0.5]
Equality and Discrimination
LAWS 3804 [0.5]
Law of the Family
LAWS 4001 [0.5]
Law, Family and Gender
LAWS 4002 [0.5]
Feminist Theories of Law
LAWS 5302 [0.5]
Feminism, Law and Social Transformation
Consuming Passions: The Regulation of Consumption, Appearance and Sexuality
MUSI 3302 [0.5]
Music and Gender I
MUSI 4303 [0.5]
Music and Gender II
PHIL 1500 [1.0]
Contemporary Moral, Social and Religious Issues
PHIL 2306 [0.5]
Philosophy and Feminism
Political Science
PSCI 2500 [0.5]
Gender and Politics
PSCI 3109 [0.5]
The Politics of Law and Morality
PSCI 3303 [0.5]
Feminist Political Theory
PSCI 3502 [0.5]
Gender and Politics: Global South
PSCI 4500 [0.5]
Gender and Globalization
PSCI 4501 [0.5]
Politics of Identity in Europe and the Russian Area
PSCI 4605 [0.5]
Gender in International Relations
PSYC 3603 [0.5]
Psychology of Women
Sexuality Studies
SXST 3103 [0.5]
Sexuality and Disability
SXST 3104 [0.5]
Transnational Sexualities
SXST 4102 [0.5]
Queer Theory
Social Work
SOWK 3804 [0.5]
Law of the Family
SOWK 4206 [0.5]
Feminist Counselling
SOCI 2043 [0.5]
Sociology of the Family
SOCI 2045 [0.5]
Gender and Society
SOCI 3040 [0.5]
Studies in the Sociology of Gender
SOCI 3044 [0.5]
Sociology of Sex and Sexuality
SOCI 3050 [0.5]
Studies in the Sociology of Health
SOCI 3420 [0.5]
Studies in Gender and Criminal Justice
SOCI 4040 [0.5]
Feminist Sociology of Intersectionality
SOCI 4043 [0.5]
Families in the 21st Century
Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 1808 [1.0]
Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 2800 [0.5]
Intersectional Identities
WGST 2803 [0.5]
Body Matters: The Politics of Bodies
WGST 2811 [0.5]
WGST 2814 [0.5]
Gender, Sexuality and Cultural Production
WGST 3806 [0.5]

Sexuality Studies (SXST) Courses

SXST 2101 [0.5 credit]
Sexuality Studies: A Critical Introduction

While sexuality is often considered the most private and 'natural' of personal concerns, it is saturated with issues of social power, historical change, and public politics. This course offers a critical introduction to interdisciplinary studies of sexuality, focusing on history, theory, and cultural practice.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Precludes additional credit for DIST 2101 (no longer offered).
Prerequisite(s): second-year standing or permission of the Institute.
Lectures and discussion groups three hours a week.

SXST 2102 [0.5 credit]
Sexuality, Gender, and Security

Historical and contemporary analysis of surveillance, security, and regulation of sexuality, race, class, and gender. Students will critically examine how ‘subversives’ were created through discourse and administrative logics such as policy and law.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Also listed as HUMR 2102.
Prerequisite(s): second year standing.
Lectures and discussions three hours a week.

SXST 3103 [0.5 credit]
Sexuality and Disability

Exploration of ways that embodied categories of sex and gender, as well as desire are mediated through mainstream and alternative discourses of disability. Topics may include: crip theory, mental health issues, and LGBTQ sexualities.
Prerequisite(s): third-year standing or permission of the Institute.
Lecture three hours a week.

SXST 3104 [0.5 credit]
Transnational Sexualities

Students analyze sex, gender and sexuality as power relations within, and between nation-states comprising the Global North and South, as well as new knowledge created through national border crossings. Topics may include: Orientialism, colonialization, and diasporic identities.
Prerequisite(s): third-year standing and SXST 2101.
Lecture three hours a week.

SXST 3106 [0.5 credit]
Queer(ing) Archives

Examination of the archival turn in historical and theoretical perspective with an emphasis on sexuality, race, and gender as subjectivities in queer, trans, and colonial archives.
Also listed as HIST 3102.
Prerequisite(s): third-year standing.
Seminar three hours a week.

SXST 4101 [0.5 credit]
Interdisciplinary Studies of Sexuality

A study of selected issues in sexuality studies considered from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course may focus on any one, or combination of, sexuality studies in relation to history, theory, and/or cultural practice.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Precludes additional credit for DIST 4101 (no longer offered).
Prerequisite(s): SXST 2101 and fourth-year standing.
Seminar three hours a week.

SXST 4102 [0.5 credit]
Queer Theory

A critical approach to gender and sexuality by engaging in key debates and texts in the field of queer theory and studies.
Prerequisite(s): SXST 2101 and fourth-year standing.
Also offered at the graduate level, with different requirements, as WGST 5102, for which additional credit is precluded.
Seminar three hours a week.

SXST 4103 [0.5 credit]
Politics of Kink

This seminar analyzes critically the existence and regulation of non-normative sexual attitudes, behaviours and practices. Topics may include: non-monogamy, sadomasochism, pornography.
Prerequisite(s): fourth-year standing.
Seminar three hours a week.

SXST 4104 [0.5 credit]
Sexuality and Political Economy

An interdisciplinary and intersectional approach to issues in the area of Sexuality Studies focusing on socio-economic relations (e.g. class location, consumption) and the ways they mediate sex, gender, and sexual subject formation and governance. SXST 4101.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Prerequisite(s): fourth year standing.
Seminar three hours a week.

SXST 4105 [0.5 credit]
Queer Ecologies

Students engage with debates within sexuality studies and transgender studies regarding the interwoven relationships between gender, race, indigeneity, desire, bodies and ecological politics. Topics may include: climate change, gendered and sexualized landscapes, and speciesism.
Prerequisite(s): fourth-year standing or by permission of the department.
Seminar three hours a week.

SXST 4106 [0.5 credit]
Queer Aesthetics: Affect, Cultural Production, Sexuality

Critical examination of affective economies made in and through LGBTQ cultural production. Drawing from feminist, queer, trans and queer of colour critique, students will consider how queer affect, sentiment and emotions uniquely circulate in art and aesthetic objects.
Prerequisite(s): fourth-year standing or permission of the Institute.
Seminar three hours a week.

Summer session: some of the courses listed in this Calendar are offered during the summer. Hours and scheduling for summer session courses will differ significantly from those reported in the fall/winter Calendar. To determine the scheduling and hours for summer session classes, consult the class schedule at

Not all courses listed are offered in a given year. For an up-to-date statement of course offerings for the current session and to determine the term of offering, consult the class schedule at


In addition to the requirements listed here, students must satisfy:

  1. the University regulations including the process of Academic Performance Evaluation (see the Academic Regulations of the University section of this Calendar).