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Feminist Institute of Social Transformation
(Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

Program Requirements

Minor in Critical Race Studies (4.0 credits)

This minor is available to all undergraduate degree students.

1.  1.0 credit from:1.0
FYSM 1402 [1.0]
Issues in Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 1808 [1.0]
Introduction to Feminist Social Transformation
2.  0.5 credit in:0.5
CRST 2001 [0.5]
Introduction to Critical Race Studies
3.  1.0 credits in CRST or CRST-approved electives at the 2000-level or higher1.0
4.  1.5 credits in CRST or CRST-approved electives at the 3000-level or higher1.5
5. The remaining credits of the major discipline(s) and degree must be satisfied.
Total Credits4.0

Other courses may be substituted for the credits specified in item 3 and 4, when material on critical race is central to the course. Such substitutions must be individually approved by the Institute of Women's and Gender Studies. Students are encouraged to consult course descriptions of Special Topics courses.

Approved Critical Race Studies Electives

Note: access to these courses is not guaranteed, and may depend on space availability and the satisfaction of other requirements such as course prerequisites.

African Studies
AFRI 2006 [0.5]
Southern Africa
AFRI 3001 [0.5]
Globalization and Popular Culture in Africa
AFRI 3002 [0.5]
Regions in Africa: Cultures, Society, Politics
AFRI 3003 [0.5]
African Social and Political Thought
AFRI 3005 [0.5]
African Migrations and Diasporas
AFRI 3609 [0.5]
African Cinema
ANTH 1001 [0.5]
Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 2001 [1.0]
Foundations in Socio-Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 2020 [0.5]
Race and Ethnicity
ANTH 2610 [0.5]
Studies in Indigenous Peoples of North America: Current Issues in Anthropological Research
ANTH 2620 [0.5]
Ethnography of Sub-Saharan Africa
ANTH 2630 [0.5]
Studies in Asian Societies: Current Issues in Anthropological Research
ANTH 2635 [0.5]
Tradition and Modernity in the Pacific
ANTH 2640 [0.5]
Andean Ethnography
ANTH 2660 [0.5]
Ethnography of North Africa
ANTH 2670 [0.5]
Ethnography of Brazil
ANTH 3020 [0.5]
Studies in Race and Ethnicity
ANTH 3600 [0.5]
Studies in Anthropology and Indigenous Peoples
ANTH 4006 [0.5]
Decolonizing Methodologies in the 21st Century: Practicing Engaged Anthropology
ANTH 4020 [0.5]
Advanced Studies in Race and Ethnicity
ANTH 4109 [0.5]
Ethnography, Gender and Globalization
ANTH 4200 [0.5]
War, Security and Citizenship
ANTH 4610 [0.5]
Advanced Studies in Indigenous Peoples
ANTH 4620 [0.5]
Advanced Studies in Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa: Current Issues in Anthropological Research
ANTH 4730 [0.5]
Colonialism and Post-Colonialism
ANTH 4750 [0.5]
Advanced Studies in Globalization and Citizenship
COMS 3109 [0.5]
Communication, Culture and Identity
Disability Studies
DBST 2001 [0.5]
Disabling Society
DBST 3001 [0.5]
Disability Studies: Policy and Activism
DBST 3060 [0.5]
Critical Disability Studies
DBST 3304 [0.5]
Disability and Childhood: Transnational Perspectives
ECON 3380 [0.5]
The Economics of Gender and Ethnicity
European Studies
EURR 4008 [0.5]
Nationalism in Russia and Eurasia
EURR 4205 [0.5]
Politics of Identity in Europe and the Russian Area
EURR 4209 [0.5]
Politics of the Caucasus and Caspian Basin
Film Studies
FILM 3609 [0.5]
African Cinema
GEOG 1023 [0.5]
Introduction to Cities and Urbanization
GEOG 2023 [0.5]
Cities, Inequality and Urban Change
GEOG 2300 [0.5]
Space, Place and Culture
GEOG 3021 [0.5]
Geographies of Culture and Identity
GEOG 3023 [0.5]
Cities in a Global World
GEOG 4021 [0.5]
Seminar in Culture, Identity and Place
GEOG 4023 [0.5]
Seminar in Special Topics on the City
GEOG 4323 [0.5]
Urban and Regional Planning
HIST 3102 [0.5]
Queer(ing) Archives
HIST 3505 [0.5]
Women in Canada
HIST 3710 [0.5]
Themes in Caribbean History
Human Rights
HUMR 1001 [1.0]
Introduction to Human Rights
HUMR 2102 [0.5]
Sexuality, Gender, and Security
HUMR 2502 [0.5]
Social and Political Movements
Indigenous and Canadian Studies
CDNS 1001 [0.5]
Introduction to the Study of Canada
CDNS 2210 [0.5]
Introduction to the Study of Culture in Canada
CDNS 2300 [0.5]
Nationalism and Multiculturalism in Canada
CDNS 3700 [0.5]
Constructing and Contesting Memory in Canada
CDNS 4400 [0.5]
Space, Landscape and Identity in Canada
CDNS 4500 [0.5]
Global Canada
INDG 1000 [1.0]
Introduction to Indigenous Studies
INDG 1010 [0.5]
Introduction to Indigenous Peoplehood Studies
INDG 1011 [0.5]
Introduction to Indigenous-Settler Encounters
INDG 2011 [0.5]
Contemporary Indigenous Studies
INDG 2020 [0.5]
Decolonizing Gender, Sex, and Sexuality
INDG 3011 [0.5]
Indigenous Rights, Resistance, and Resurgence
INDG 4001 [0.5]
Indigeneity in the City
INDG 4011 [0.5]
Indigenous Representations
JOUR 4503 [0.5]
Investigating Journalism: Journalism, Indigenous Peoples and Canada
Latin American and Caribbean Studies
LACS 1001 [0.5]
Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies I
LACS 1002 [0.5]
Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies II
LACS 4001 [0.5]
Issues in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
LACS 4819 [0.5]
Latin America and the World
LAWS 2105 [0.5]
Social Justice and Human Rights
LAWS 3006 [0.5]
LAWS 3105 [0.5]
Theory of Law and Politics
LAWS 3106 [0.5]
Law and Social Regulation
LAWS 3306 [0.5]
Crime, Law, Process and Politics
LAWS 3503 [0.5]
Equality and Discrimination
LAWS 3504 [0.5]
Law and Aboriginal Peoples
LAWS 3509 [0.5]
The Charter of Rights Topics
LAWS 3602 [0.5]
International Human Rights
LAWS 4002 [0.5]
Feminist Theories of Law
LAWS 4102 [0.5]
Controversies in Rights Theory
LAWS 4105 [0.5]
Global Justice Theory
LAWS 4305 [0.5]
Criminal Justice Reform
LAWS 4504 [0.5]
Indigenous Criminal Justice
LAWS 4601 [0.5]
Transnational Law and Human Rights
LAWS 4607 [0.5]
Immigration and Refugee Law
LAWS 4800 [0.5]
Environment and Social Justice
MUSI 2005 [0.5]
Introduction to Jazz History
MUSI 4005 [0.5]
Issues in Jazz Studies
FYSM 1212 [0.5]
Contemporary Moral, Social, and Religious Issues
PHIL 1550 [0.5]
Introduction to Ethics and Social Issues
PHIL 2306 [0.5]
Philosophy and Feminism
PHIL 2307 [0.5]
Gender and Philosophy
Political Science
PSCI 2002 [0.5]
Canadian Politics and Civil Society
PSCI 2102 [0.5]
Comparative Politics of the Global South
PSCI 3006 [0.5]
Social Power in Canadian Politics
PSCI 3105 [0.5]
PSCI 3108 [0.5]
Politics of Popular Culture
PSCI 3109 [0.5]
The Politics of Law and Morality
PSCI 3200 [0.5]
U.S. Constitutional Politics
PSCI 3303 [0.5]
Feminist Political Theory
PSCI 3307 [0.5]
Politics of Human Rights
PSCI 3805 [0.5]
Politics of Race
PSCI 4109 [0.5]
The Politics of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
PSCI 4203 [0.5]
Southern Africa After Apartheid
PSCI 4210 [0.5]
Political Identity through Graphic Novels
PSCI 4501 [0.5]
Politics of Identity in Europe and the Russian Area
RELI 2712 [0.5]
Religious Diversity of Canada
RELI 2720 [0.5]
Indigenous Religions of Canada
RELI 3140 [0.5]
The Holocaust: Historical and Religious Dimensions
RELI 3250 [0.5]
Evangelical Christianity in Social-Historical Perspective
Sexuality Studies
SXST 2101 [0.5]
Sexuality Studies: A Critical Introduction
SXST 2102 [0.5]
Sexuality, Gender, and Security
SXST 3103 [0.5]
Sexuality and Disability
SXST 3104 [0.5]
Transnational Sexualities
SXST 3106 [0.5]
Queer(ing) Archives
SXST 4101 [0.5]
Interdisciplinary Studies of Sexuality
SXST 4102 [0.5]
Queer Theory
SXST 4103 [0.5]
Politics of Kink
SXST 4104 [0.5]
Sexuality and Political Economy
SXST 4105 [0.5]
Queer Ecologies
SXST 4106 [0.5]
Queer Aesthetics: Affect, Cultural Production, Sexuality
Social Work
SOWK 4301 [0.5]
Racialization and Social Work
SOCI 1001 [0.5]
Introduction to Sociology I
SOCI 1002 [0.5]
Introduction to Sociology II
SOCI 2010 [0.5]
Critical Approaches to Economic Inequality
SOCI 2020 [0.5]
Race and Ethnicity
SOCI 2050 [0.5]
Sociology of Health
SOCI 2170 [0.5]
Foundations in Social Justice
SOCI 2702 [0.5]
Power and Social Change
SOCI 3010 [0.5]
Power, Oppression and Resistance
SOCI 3019 [0.5]
Sociology of International Migration
SOCI 3020 [0.5]
Studies in Race and Ethnicity
SOCI 3040 [0.5]
Studies in the Sociology of Gender
SOCI 3056 [0.5]
Women and Health
SOCI 3060 [0.5]
Critical Disability Studies
SOCI 3170 [0.5]
Social Justice in Action
SOCI 3430 [0.5]
Studies in Collective Action and Social Movements
SOCI 3450 [0.5]
Studies in Law Enforcement
SOCI 3480 [0.5]
Law and Social Regulation
SOCI 3805 [0.5]
Studies in Population
SOCI 4020 [0.5]
Advanced Studies in Race and Ethnicity
SOCI 4039 [0.5]
Women in Contemporary Middle East Societies
SOCI 4040 [0.5]
Feminist Sociology of Intersectionality
SOCI 4043 [0.5]
Families in the 21st Century
SOCI 4160 [0.5]
War, Terrorism and State Terrorism
SOCI 4200 [0.5]
War, Security and Citizenship
SOCI 4730 [0.5]
Colonialism and Post-Colonialism
SOCI 4750 [0.5]
Advanced Studies in Globalization and Citizenship
Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 2801 [0.5]
Activism, Feminisms, and Social Justice
WGST 2803 [0.5]
Body Matters: The Politics of Bodies
WGST 2811 [0.5]
WGST 2812 [0.5]
Selected Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies
WGST 2814 [0.5]
Gender, Sexuality and Cultural Production
WGST 3803 [0.5]
Feminisms and Transnationalism
WGST 3806 [0.5]
WGST 3807 [0.5]
Gendered Violence
WGST 3812 [0.5]
Selected Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 4812 [0.5]
Selected Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies

Critical Race Studies (CRST) Courses

CRST 2001 [0.5 credit]
Introduction to Critical Race Studies

Foundations and central tenets of critical race theory, its interdisciplinary debates, applications, and evolutions. Historical roots of oppression, white settler-colonialism, understanding of privilege and power, social construction of race, socio-political conditions producing systemic and institutional racism, intersections with sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, and ableism.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Prerequisite(s): Second year standing.
Lectures and discussion three hours a week.

CRST 3812 [0.5 credit]
Interdisciplinary Topics in Critical Race Studies

An interdisciplinary analysis of one or more topics in critical race studies. The topics of this course will vary from year to year and are announced in advance of registration.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Prerequisite(s): Third year standing and WGST 1808 or FYSM 1402 or permission of the Institute of Women's and Gender Studies.
Lectures three hours per week. This course is repeatable when the topic changes.

CRST 4001 [0.5 credit]
Advanced Critical Race Studies

Interdisciplinary seminar on race, colonialism and feminisms including theories of racial and cultural difference, structures of privilege and power, and forms of resistance. Intersectional theoretical approaches to anti-colonial and feminist analyses of racial subjugation, and engagements with Black, Indigenous and women of colour feminisms.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Prerequisite(s): Fourth-year standing and 1.0 credit in Women's and Gender Studies or permission of the Institute of Women's and Gender Studies.
Seminar three hours per week.

Note: Not all courses listed are offered in a given year. For an up-to-date statement of course offerings for the current session and to determine the term of offering, consult the class schedule at

Summer session: some of the courses listed in this Calendar are offered during the summer. Hours and scheduling for summer session courses will differ significantly from those reported in the fall/winter Calendar. To determine the scheduling and hours for summer session classes, consult the class schedule at


In addition to the requirements listed here, students must satisfy:

  1. the University regulations including the process of Academic Continuation Evaluation (see the Academic Regulations of the University section of this Calendar).