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Data Science (DATA) Courses

DATA 5000 [0.5 credit]
Data Science Seminar

Cloud based distributed systems, statistics, machine learning, use of complex ecosystems of tools and platforms, data ethics, and communication skills to explain advanced analytics. Students choose a project in Big Data management and/or analysis, deliver a paper and give a class presentation on their findings.

DATA 5001 [0.5 credit] (MAT 5818)
Fundamentals in Data Science and Analytics

Ethics in Data Science and Analytics, visualization and knowledge discovery in massive datasets; unsupervised learning: clustering algorithms; dimension reduction; supervised learning: pattern recognition, smoothing techniques, classification.
Precludes additional credit for STAT 5703.

DATA 5908 [1.0 credit]
Project - MSc

DATA 5909 [2.5 credits]
Thesis - MSc

DATA 5918 [1.0 credit]
Project - MIT

DATA 5919 [2.5 credits]
Thesis - MIT

DATA 5928 [1.0 credit]
Project - MEng

DATA 5929 [2.5 credits]
Thesis - MASc

DATA 5939 [2.5 credits]
Thesis - MCS

DATA 6909 [9.0 credits]
Thesis - PhD

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