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AERO 2001 [0.5 credit] Aerospace Engineering Graphical Design

Engineering drawing techniques; fits and tolerances; working drawings; fasteners. Elementary descriptive geometry; true length, true view, and intersection of geometric entities; developments. Assignments will make extensive use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and will include the production of detail and assembly drawings from actual physical models.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Also listed as MAAE 2001.
Prerequisite(s): Second-year status in Engineering.
Lectures and tutorials two hours a week, laboratory four hours a week.


...Society, Environment. Subject codes : AERO, ARCC, ARCH, ARCN...SOCI 2000 and SOCI 2001 or SOCI 3000...


...Society, Environment. Subject codes : AERO, ARCC, ARCH, ARCN...first work term, PSYC 2001 and PSYC 2002...