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ANTH 1002 [0.5 credit] Introduction to Issues in Anthropology

Examination of anthropological issues in the study of social institutions such as the family, economy, politics and belief systems. Debates about gender, development, cultural differences, health and the environment may also be examined.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Precludes additional credit for ANTH 1000 (no longer offered).
Lectures/discussions three hours a week.


...CHEM 1001 and CHEM 1002 are strongly recommended...Anthropology, Sociology Subject codes : ANTH, BUSI, CGSC, CRCJ...


...may receive credit for ANTH 1001 and ANTH 1002 , or ANTH 1003 (no longer offered...


...SOCI 1001 and SOCI 1002 , or SOCI 1003...Anthropology, Sociology Subject codes : ANTH, BUSI, CGSC, CRCJ...