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BIOL 6403 [0.5 credit] (BIO 9104, CHM 9109, TOX 9104) Ecotoxicology

Advances in ecotoxicology. Biological effects of contaminants. Potential for biotic perturbance from chronic and acute exposure of ecosystems to selected toxicants. Pesticide, herbicide and pollutant residue analysis and the concept of bound residues.
Also listed as CHEM 5705.
Prerequisite(s): BIOL 6402/CHEM 5708 (BIO 9101/CHM 8156), permission of the director or associate director of OCIB.

Chemical and Environmental Toxicology

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...of Toxicology ( BIOL 6402 /BIO 9101 - CHEM 5708 /CHM 8156) or BIOL 6403 /BIO 9104...