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BUSI 3602 [0.5 credit] Designing Organizational Systems: An Overview

Key models and theories of organizational strategy, structure, processes, effectiveness, and individual and group behavior in organizations. Organizational structure, goals, and effectiveness; leadership, motivation and job design.
Precludes additional credit for BUSI 2101, BUSI 2702, BUSI 2121. No credit for students in B.Com. or B.I.B. programs.
Prerequisite(s): third-year standing in the B.P.A.P.M. program.
Lecture three hours a week.


Undergraduate Calendar

BUSI 4601 and BUSI 4609 in Item 8  above must be taken at the Sprott School of Business. The following courses cannot be used as free electives toward the B.Com. degree: ESLA 1300 , ESLA 1500 , and any 0000-level course such as MATH 0009  and  MATH 0107 . The 4000-level credit in Item 9  above must be taken at the Sprott School of Business. Students require completion of  BUSI 1800 and  BUSI 2800  to be eligible for registration in BUSI 3102, BUSI 3103, and BUSI 3309.  Students require completion of  BUSI 1995  to be eligible for registration in BUSI 2101 , completion of  BUSI 2995  to be eligible for registration in BUSI 3309 , and completion of  BUSI 3995  to be eligible for registration in BUSI 4609  ( BUSI 4709 for B.Com. with concentration in International Business students).  BUSI 4995 must be completed as part of the degree requirements prior to graduation from the Bachelor of Commerce.

Academic Regulations for Degree Students

Undergraduate Calendar

...Com. degree will not receive credit for BUSI 3602 or COMP 1001. Students admitted with...