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BUSI 4707 [0.5 credit] Regionalism and Globalization

Trends in globalization versus supra- and sub-national regionalism. Role of international institutions (e.g. OECD, WTO). Strategy adaptation and integration within and across trade blocs (e.g. NAFTA, EU, Mercosur, ASEAN). Strategies for sub-national markets with similarities across different countries.
Prerequisite(s): third-year standing in B.Com., B.I.B., or Minor in Business, and BUSI 2701 or BUSI 2702.
Lectures three hours a week.


BUSI 4601 and BUSI 4609 in Item 8  above must be taken at the Sprott School of Business. The following courses cannot be used as free electives toward the B.Com. degree: ESLA 1300 , ESLA 1500 , and any 0000-level course such as MATH 0009  and  MATH 0107 . The 4000-level credit in Item 9  above must be taken at the Sprott School of Business. Students may not continue into 3000-level or higher BUSI courses unless the following two minimum requirements are met: a) successful completion of BUSI 1800 and b) successful completion of BUSI 2800. Students require completion of BUSI 1995 for registration into courses requiring second-year standing, completion of BUSI 2995 for courses requiring third-year standing, and completion of BUSI 3995 for courses requiring fourth-year standing. BUSI 4995 must be completed as part of the degree requirements prior to graduation from the Bachelor of Commerce.

Mathematics and Statistics

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