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CIVJĀ 5310 [0.5 credit] (CVG 5311) Bridge Design

Design of highway bridges, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC). Comparisons with other bridge codes (AASHTO, the European, the New Zealand, and the British). Structural components of highway bridges, types of highway bridges, serviceability and ultimate limit state design requirements, design loads.

CIVJĀ 5311 [0.5 credit] (CVG 5312) Durability of Concrete Structures

Properties of cementitious materials (constituents of concrete, hydration of cement, structure of hardened concrete, transport processes in concrete); deterioration of concrete (built-in problems, construction defects, cracking, dimensional stability, alkali-aggregate reaction, sulphate attack, corrosion of reinforcing steel, freezing-thawing cycles); evaluation of concrete structures.