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CLIM 5000 [1.0 credit] Climate Collaboration

A seminar on the climate crisis from an interdisciplinary perspective. Drawing on a range of disciplinary approaches from the humanities, social sciences, public policy, engineering and natural science, students will engage with the many factors bearing on the climate crisis and how to address it.

Climate Change (Collaborative Program)

Graduate Calendar

Requirements: 1.  1.0 credit in: 1.0 CLIM 5000  [1.0] Climate Collaboration 2.  0.0 credit in: CLIM 5800  [0.0] Climate Seminar Series 3.  1.5 credits in courses offered by the OCIMAE. 1.5 4. Participation in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering seminar series 5.  2.5 credits in: 2.5 MECH 5909  [2.5] M.A.Sc. Thesis (in the specialization) Total Credits 5.0

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Graduate Calendar

...1.0 CLIM 5000 [1.0] Climate Collaboration 2. 0.0 credit in: CLIM 5800...