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COMP 6908 [0.0 credit] (CSI 9997) Doctoral Proposal

Within 8 terms following initial registration in the program, a document generally defining the problem addressed, relating it to the literature, and outlining the hypotheses, goals, research methodology, initial results and validation approach must be submitted to an examination committee and successfully defended.

Computer Science

Graduate Calendar

During the first term, the student and his or her faculty adviser should select graduate courses related to their area(s) of research and interests. Approval from the Graduate Supervisor of the Institute is only required for courses not listed as valid OCICS courses. Subject to the approval of the Graduate Supervisor, Ph.D. students may take courses in other relevant disciplines. At least half of the course credits of a Ph.D. student must be valid OCICS courses. An advisory committee comprised of three to five faculty members must be established before the student registers in the comprehensive examination. The committee is responsible for the comprehensive examination, the thesis proposal, and for guiding the student's research. The advisory committee must include at least one representative from EECS at the University of Ottawa. The advisory committee must be approved by the director or associate director of the Institute. All course requirements must be completed within the first four (4) terms. Within the first six (6) terms, the student must submit a written thesis proposal and defend it in an oral examination (see COMP 6908 ). The expected completion time for the Ph.D. program is approximately twelve terms depending on the type of thesis and the area of research. Before the completion of the program, the student must satisfy the seminar requirement .