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ECON 3600 [0.5 credit] Introduction to International Economics

A discussion of theory and policy in international trade and finance. Intended for students planning to take only 0.5 credit in international economics at the 3000-level.
Precludes additional credit for ECON 3601 and ECON 3602. Credit will not be given if taken concurrently with or after ECON 4601 or ECON 4602.
Prerequisite(s): ECON 1001 and ECON 1002, or ECON 1000 or FYSM 1003, or permission of the Department.
Lectures three hours a week.


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...Item 3 above, ECON 3600 precludes additional credit for ECON 3601 and ECON 3602 . Concentration...