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ECON 4025 [0.5 credit] Game Theory and Economics

Analysis of strategic behaviour using methods of modern game theory. Topics include extensive-form and strategic-form representation of games, and solution concepts for games of complete and incomplete information such as Nash equilibrium, subgame perfect equilibrium, and perfect Bayesian equilibrium. Economic applications will be presented.
Prerequisite(s): ECON 2020 (or ECON 2009) and ECON 2030 each with a grade of C+ or higher or ECON 2002 (no longer offered) and ECON 2003 (no longer offered) each with a grade of C+ or higher; ECON 3001 (or MATH 2000 or MATH 2004) with a grade of C+ or higher; and ECON 2210 (or equivalent, or STAT 2507 or STAT 2606 or STAT 3502), which may be taken concurrently with ECON 4025.
Lectures three hours a week.

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