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ECOR 1055 [0.0 credit] Introduction to Engineering Disciplines I

Overview of professional activities oriented to the student's discipline of study: Architectural Conservation and Sustainability. Civil and Environmental. Aerospace and Mechanical. Electrical. Engineering Physics. Computer Systems, Communications and Software. Biomedical (Electrical and Mechanical). Sustainable and Renewable Energy. Graded SAT/UNS.
Prerequisite(s): This course may not be taken concurrently with ESLA 1300 or ESLA 1500.
Lectures 1.5 hours per week.


Undergraduate Calendar

Courses in this classification must be chosen from among those listed as acceptable for the current academic year. The list is published annually on the engineering academic support website: . The list will change from year to year and only courses on the list valid in the year the course is taken, or courses for which formal approval of the Faculty has been obtained can be used as credit toward an engineering degree. Courses not on the list may be used to fulfill a Basic Science elective requirement with the permission of the Faculty of Engineering and Design and provided all other specified course requirements are met. Note that access to courses on the list is not guaranteed and may depend on space availability and the satisfaction of other requirements including, for example, course prerequisites. 

Bachelor of Engineering Degree

Undergraduate Calendar

...all first-year requirements (including ECOR 1055 , ECOR 1056 , and ECOR 1057 ). 3rd year status...