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ENVE 2001 [0.5 credit] Process Analysis for Environmental Engineering

Material and energy balances for reacting and non-reacting systems. Applications in mining, metallurgy, pulp and paper, power generation, energy utilization. Emissions to the environment per unit product or service generated. Introduction to life cycle analysis, comparative products and processes.
Prerequisite(s): CHEM 1002 or CHEM 1101 or equivalent, and MAAE 2400 (may be taken concurrently), and second-year status in Engineering.
Lectures two hours a week, problem analysis three hours a week.


...COMP, ECOR, ELEC, ENSC, ENVE, ERTH, FOOD, HLTH...SOCI 2000 and SOCI 2001 or SOCI 3000...


...COMP, ECOR, ELEC, ENSC, ENVE, ERTH, FOOD, HLTH...first work term, PSYC 2001 and PSYC 2002...