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ERTH 4910 [1.0 credit] Honours Thesis in Resource Evaluation

Independent studies: Analysis and interpretation of geological, environmental and/or financial data to determine economic value of a natural resource, and its viability for sustainable development. Requires approval of the supervisor and course coordinator. Oral and written proposal, progress and defense reports are required.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Precludes additional credit for ERTH 4908 and ERTH 4909.
Prerequisite(s): Restricted to B.Sc. Honours in Earth Sciences with Concentration in Finance: Resource Valuation. Major CGPA 8.5 or higher at time of registration for the course.


...PSYC 4908 or PSYC 4910 to meet Item...ECOR, ELEC, ENSC, ENVE, ERTH, FOOD, HLTH, IDES...