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EURR 3002 [0.5 credit] Literature and Culture in Russia and Eurasia

A survey of the literature and cultural texts that have defined Russian and neighboring Slavic countries. Examination of fiction and non-fiction texts that have contributed to and reflected the development of Russian and Slavic culture and society.
Also listed as ENGL 3805.
Precludes additional credit for EURR 2000 and ENGL 2010.
Prerequisite(s): second-year standing.
Lecture and discussion three hours a week.

Co-operative Education

Undergraduate Calendar term, EURR 2001 and EURR 2002; Obtained...from FOOD 3001, FOOD 3002, FOOD 3005, FOOD...


Undergraduate Calendar TSES 3001 , TSES 3002 , TSES 3500 , TSES...CRST, DBST, DIST, EACH, EURR, HIST, HRSJ, HUMR...