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FYSM 1004 [1.0 credit] Reading Literatures and Cultures

Introduction to active literary reading skills, focusing on at least three literary genres including poetry, prose, and drama, with attention to literary, social, historical, and political contexts. This course is writing attentive. Strongly recommended for English majors. Consult English Department website for annual topics.
Precludes additional credit for ENGL 1000 (no longer offered), ENGL 1100, ENGL 1200, ENGL 1300, ENGL 1400, ENGL 1600, and ENGL 1700.
Prerequisite(s): Normally restricted to students entering the first year of a B.A., B.Cog.Sc., B.Co.M.S., B.Econ. or B.G.In.S. program.
Seminars three hours a week.


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