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HLTH 4907 [1.0 credit] Capstone Course – Group Research Project

A collaborative project on a health related topic. Students, working together as a team, will complete a research project and develop communication and research skills under the supervision of the faculty supervisor. Evaluation will be based on a written report and oral presentation.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Precludes additional credit for HLTH 4906, HLTH 4908 (no longer offered), HLTH 4909, HLTH 4910.
Prerequisite(s): fourth-year standing in the B.H.Sc. Honours program, one of HLTH 3901, HLTH 3902, HLTH 3903, HLTH 3904 or HLTH 3905, a major CGPA of at least 9.0, and permission of the Faculty supervisor and the Department of Health Sciences.
Seminars three hours a week as scheduled by the course instructor; other hours as arranged with the Faculty Adviser.


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