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HUMS 1005 [0.5 credit] Early Human Cultures

Cultural experiences of small scale societies, including kinship, rituals, magic, social structure, and subsistence. Reading may include the works of classic anthropologists such as Maine, Tylor, Morgan, and Boas.
Precludes additional credit for ANTH 1001 and ANTH 1003.
Prerequisite(s): restricted to students in the Bachelor of Humanities program.
Lectures three hours a week.


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The B.Hum. Honours is available with a Study Year Abroad option. Consult the B.Hum. Honours program requirements for more information.

Journalism and Humanities

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GREK 2200 and GREK 2201 LATN 2200 and LATN 2201 FREN 1100 or FREN 2100 GERM 2010 and GERM 2020 , or GERM 2110 ITAL 2010 and ITAL 2020 , or ITAL 2110 RELI 2010 RUSS 2010 and RUSS 2020 SPAN 2010 and SPAN 2020 , or SPAN 2110


Undergraduate Calendar so in place of RELI 1731 & HUMS 1005 . Students who are already able to...