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ISAP 3002 [0.5 credit] Applications in Interdisciplinary Research

Application of skills from Interdisciplinary Science and Practice (ISAP) courses to develop a research proposal. Topics include: research ethics; identification of stakeholders; inclusive consultation, collaboration and dissemination strategies.
Prerequisite(s): ISAP 2002 or permission of the Institute.
Lecture three hours per week, workshop two hours per week.

Interdisciplinary Science and Practice

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The regulations presented in this section apply to all Bachelor of Science programs. In addition to the requirements presented here, students must satisfy the University regulations common to all undergraduate students including the process of Academic Continuation Evaluation (see the Academic Regulations of the University section of this Calendar).

Co-operative Education

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...following 2.0 credits: ISAP 3001 , ISAP 3002 , ISAP 3003 , ISAP 3004 ; Obtained an Overall...