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JOUR 3208 [0.5 credit] Video Journalism

In this workshop students will build on the principles and practices of video journalism to produce stories and video in various formats suitable for television and digital publication. Note: JOUR 3207 and JOUR 3208 may not be taken in the same term.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Prerequisite(s): JOUR 2201, JOUR 2202, and JOUR 2501 with a grade of C or higher in each.
Lectures and labs six hours a week.


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Bachelor of Journalism students may take Combined Honours programs in which Journalism is combined with another discipline. Students may choose a Combined Honours program in Journalism and Communication and Media Studies,  or from Combined Honours programs offered within the B.A. The Journalism requirements for the Combined Honours program are normally the same as those for the Bachelor of Journalism with Honours listed above. The requirements of the other discipline are the same as those listed for the B.A. Combined Honours program in that discipline. Students are advised to consult the Combined Honours entry of their second discipline in this calendar for details. Combined Honours programs in Journalism and other disciplines are available only to students registered in Journalism.

Journalism and Humanities

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GREK 2200 and GREK 2201 LATN 2200 and LATN 2201 FREN 1100 or FREN 2100 GERM 2010 and GERM 2020 , or GERM 2110 ITAL 2010 and ITAL 2020 , or ITAL 2110 RELI 2010 RUSS 2010 and RUSS 2020 SPAN 2010 and SPAN 2020 , or SPAN 2110

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