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MAAE 4907 [1.0 credit] Engineering Design Project

Team project in the design of an aerospace, biomedical, mechanical, or sustainable energy system. Opportunity to develop initiative, engineering judgement, self-reliance, and creativity in a team environment. Results submitted in a comprehensive report as well as through formal oral presentations.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Prerequisite(s): Fourth-year status in engineering and (completion of or concurrent registration in AERO 4003, AERO 4842, MECH 4003, MECH 4013, or SREE 4001, or permission of Department). Certain projects may have additional prerequisites.


...the concentration. If PSYC 4907 , PSYC 4908 , PSYC...ISCI, ISCS, ISYS, ITEC, MAAE, MATH, MECH, NET...