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MATH 2152 [0.5 credit] Introductory Algebra II

Linear transformations. Determinants. Eigenvalues and eigenspaces. Diagonalization and other canonical forms. Inner products. An emphasis is placed on proofs and theory.
Precludes additional credit for MATH 1102 (no longer offered) and MATH 2107.
Prerequisite(s): (i) MATH1152 with a grade of C- or higher or (MATH1107 or MATH1104 with a grade of B+ or higher and permission of the School), and (ii) MATH1800 with a grade of C+ or higher; or permission of the School.
Lectures three hours a week, tutorial one and a half hours a week.

Mathematics and Statistics

...MATH 1102 (no longer offered) or MATH 2152 or MATH 1107 or MATH 1104 ). MATH...


...take MATH 2052 [0.5] . MATH 2107 Linear Algebra II may replace MATH 2152 [0...