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MATH 3800 [0.5 credit] Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods

Design and analysis of mathematical models for problems in science. Computational methods, including function evaluation, interpolation, solution of linear equations, root finding, integration, solution of differential equations, Fourier series and Monte Carlo methods.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Also listed as CMPS 3800.
Precludes additional credit for MATH 3806/COMP 3806.
Prerequisite(s): i) MATH 1107 or MATH 1104; ii) MATH 1005 or MATH 2007; and iii) knowledge of a computer language.
Lectures three hours a week, laboratory one hour a week.

Mathematics and Statistics

...MATH 3806 , COMP 3806 (no longer offered), CMPS 3800 (no longer offered) or MATH 3800...


...i) MATH 1052 [0.5] and MATH 1152...have successfully completed ECOR 3800 and SYSC 3200...