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MECH 5000 [0.5 credit] (MCG 5300) Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics

Differential equations of motion. Viscous and inviscid regions. Potential flow: superposition; thin airfoils; finite wings; compressibility corrections. Viscous flow: thin shear layer approximation; laminar layers; transition; turbulence modeling. Convective heat transfer: free versus forced convection; energy and energy integral equations; turbulent diffusion.
Also listed as MAAJ 5050.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Students are expected to complete the master's program within the maximum limits outlined in the Section 13.2 of the General Regulations section of this Calendar.

Climate Change (Collaborative Program)

Graduate Calendar 1.0 CLIM 5000 [1.0] Climate...credits in: 2.5 MECH 5909 [2.5...