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MUSI 4007 [0.5 credit] The Composer in Context

Examination of the life and music of a selected composer, and the historical, social, cultural, and political factors that shaped the context within which she/he worked. Focus on history, biography, musical style and analysis.
Prerequisite(s): MUSI 1000, and MUSI 1700, and at least one from: MUSI 2100, MUSI 2101, MUSI 2102, MUSI 2103, MUSI 2104, MUSI 2105 (no longer offered), MUSI 2106 (no longer offered) or permission of the instructor.
Lectures and seminars three hours a week.


...4005 , TSES 4006 , TSES 4007 to fulfill degree...KORE, LANG, LATN, MPAD, MUSI, PIPS, PORT, RUSS...