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PHYS 5206 [0.5 credit] (PHY 5164) Medical Radiotherapy Physics

Radiation therapy process and physics. Ion chamber dosimetry, Monte Carlo techniques of radiation transport, cavity theories, external beam therapy, brachytherapy, dosimetry protocols, detectors used in radiation therapy. Treatment planning, monitor unit calculations, intensity-modulated radiation therapy. Novel and alternate techniques.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Prerequisite(s): PHYS 5203 or permission of the Department.


Graduate Calendar

Of the 2.5 credits of course work, no more than 1.5 credits may be fulfilled by Selected Topics such as PHYS 5900 [1.0] ,  PHYS 5901 [0.5] . In special cases, the requirements may also be met by taking 5.0 credits of course work. 1.0 credit must be the Selected Topics course PHYS 5900