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PSCIĀ 2401 [0.5 credit] Public Affairs Analysis

Introduction to central concepts and processes involved in public affairs. Exploration of public issues, policy approaches and decision-making structures using theoretical, empirical and applied approaches.
Precludes additional credit for PSCI 2400 (no longer offered).
Prerequisite(s): second-year standing.
Lectures two hours a week, tutorials one hour a week.

Co-operative Education

...completed PSCI 3206 , PSCI 3207 , PSCI 3208 , PSCI...or FREN 2110 ; FREN 2401 ; FREN 2202 and...


...MGDS, PADM, PAPM, POLM, PSCI, PSYC, SOCI, SOWK...or FREN 2110 ; FREN 2401 ; FREN 2202 and...