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PSYC 4907 [1.0 credit] Thesis for B.Sc. with Honours in Psychology

Open to all candidates for the B.Sc. degree with Honours in Psychology. A thesis project is conducted under the direct supervision of a Faculty Adviser from the Department of Psychology.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Precludes additional credit for PSYC 4906 (no longer offered).
Prerequisite(s): fourth-year Honours standing in Psychology with a major CGPA of 10.0; PSYC 3000; one of PSYC 3100, PSYC 3300, PSYC 3400, PSYC 3500, PSYC 3600, or PSYC 3700, or PSYC 3805; and permission of the Department.
Lectures as scheduled by the instructor; other hours as arranged with the Faculty Adviser.


...of the concentration. If PSYC 4907 , PSYC 4908 , PSYC 4909 or PSYC 4910 are presented...