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SOWK 4601 [1.0 credit] Practicum IIA

Development, application, testing,integration of knowledge, theory and skills in practice with individuals, families, groups and communities, in research or social administration and policy. Graded Sat/Uns. Part one of two part practicum taken consecutively with SOWK 4602.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Precludes additional credit for SOWK 4600.
Prerequisite(s): third-year standing in the BSW program; SOWK 2001, SOWK 2005, SOWK 2100, SOWK 2202, SOWK 2203, SOWK 3100; SOWK 3600 or 3601 or 3602, and permission of the School of Social Work. Student must be in good academic standing in the BSW program and have a 6.00 CGPA in the Social Work major.
176 hours of fieldwork and concurrent practicum seminars.