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SYSC 4502 [0.5 credit] Communications Software

Communications software architectures, protocols and operating systems. Application layer protocols, APIs and socket programming. P2P algorithms, network virtualization, SDN. Reliable data transfer algorithms, FSM, MSC. Network security. Multimedia applications, RTSP, CDN, DASH, RTP, RTCP. Packet scheduling algorithms, DiffServ, IntServ, RSVP. Traffic classification, cross-layer optimization.
Includes: Experiential Learning Activity
Prerequisite(s): SYSC 2006 with a minimum grade of C-, and SYSC 4602.
Lectures three hours a week, problem analysis three hours alternate weeks.


Undergraduate Calendar

...0.5] or BUSI 4502 [0.5] . Concentration...completed ECOR 3800 and SYSC 3200 while registered...