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SYSC 5600 [0.5 credit] (ELG 6160) Adaptive Signal Processing

Theory and techniques of adaptive filtering, including Wiener filters, gradient and LMS methods; adaptive transversal and lattice filters; recursive and fast recursive least squares; convergence and tracking performance; implementation. Applications, such as adaptive prediction, channel equalization, echo cancellation, source coding, antenna beamforming, spectral estimation.
Precludes additional credit for EACJ 5800 (ELG 5377).
Prerequisite(s): SYSC 5503 (ELG 5503)or ELG 5119 (EACJ 5109) or equivalent; SYSC 5602 (ELG 6162) or ELG 5376 (EACJ 5507) or equivalent.