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Sprott School of Business
801 Dunton Tower

This section presents the requirements for programs in:

Program Requirements

Master of Accounting (6.0 credits)

1.  4.75 credits in compulsory courses:4.75
ACCT 5120 [0.5]
Advanced Concepts
ACCT 5121 [0.5]
Advanced Concepts II
ACCT 5123 [0.5]
Advanced Taxation
ACCT 5125 [0.5]
Advanced Assurance
ACCT 5127 [0.25]
Management Consulting
ACCT 5129 [0.25]
Professional Accounting Cases I
ACCT 5130 [0.5]
Advanced Finance
ACCT 5131 [0.5]
Performance Management
ACCT 5133 [0.5]
Advanced Integration I
ACCT 5135 [0.5]
Advanced Integration II
ACCT 5137 [0.25]
Professional Accounting Cases II
2.  0.25 credit in M.B.A. Elective course for M.Acc. students (to be selected from list below)0.25
3.  1.0 credit in:1.0
ACCT 5199 [1.0]
Total Credits6.0
M.B.A. Elective Courses for M.Acc. Students
ACCT 5013 [0.25]Financial Reporting and Control in Public Organizations
FINA 5514 [0.25]International Finance
IBUS 5711 [0.25]International Marketing and Trade
IBUS 5712 [0.25]Business and Government in Emerging Economies
IBUS 5713 [0.25]Doing Business in the United States
IBUS 5714 [0.25]Buyer Behaviour in International Markets
IBUS 5715 [0.25]Foreign Markets: Selection, Assessment and Entry Strategies
IBUS 5716 [0.25]Management of International Business
IBUS 5721 [0.25]Regional and Global Business Strategies Concentration Integration
ITIS 5401 [0.25]Managing Information Systems in Organizations
ITIS 5403 [0.25]ICT for Development
MGMT 5111 [0.25]Conflict and Negotiation
MGMT 5112 [0.25]Power and Influence
MGMT 5113 [0.25]Managing Teams
MGMT 5114 [0.25]Managing Diversity
MGMT 5115 [0.25]Leadership
MGMT 5116 [0.25]Managing Performance
MGMT 5117 [0.25]Knowledge Management
TOMS 5303 [0.25]Managing Projects


See the General Regulations section of this Calendar.

Guidelines for Completion

Students admitted as full-time students must normally complete their degree requirements within four terms after the date of initial registration.

Academic Standing

A grade of B- or better is normally required in each credit counted towards the degree. However, a candidate may, with the recommendation of the School and the approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs, be allowed to count a grade of C+ in 0.75 credits.

Withdrawal from the program will be required if an M.Acc. student:

  • Receives a grade of lower than B- in 1.25 credits or more, or
  • Fails to achieve a weighted GPA of 7.0 after completing 2.0 credits of study, or to maintain it, or
  • Receives a grade lower than C+ in the same course more than once.


M. Accounting

Applicants are expected to hold an honours bachelor's degree or equivalent, with a minimum overall average of B-; demonstrated coverage of the CPA Competency Map at the ‘Entry’ level, and a minimum grade of C- in each of the prerequisite courses (courses that meet the Entry level requirements of the CPA Competency Map) with a minimum overall average of B+ in the prerequisite courses.

Students who hold a CPA, CMA designation and who have completed the Strategic Leadership Program, Case Examination and Board Report, may be exempted from the course ACCT 5133 Advanced Integration I, with the approval of the M.Acc. Director.

Proficiency in English is necessary to pursue graduate studies at Carleton University. See Section 3.6 of the General Regulations of this Calendar for English proficiency rules.